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Hypernaut Double Sling Riot

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Killer combo: Hypernaut Double Sling Riot! = 5 Hyper-D Damage Points in your Neo Human face ‪#‎gamedev‬ ‪#‎Escaton‬


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First Proxy Game Day

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Thanks to all who participated in our physical play test/Tournament Thursday. Congratulations to Emil for winning the tournament and being the first to win a physical Escaton Stack and thanks to Bastard café for hosting the event. We have donated a few Escaton stacks to this fantastic board game café so now you can have a game of physical Escaton with your coffee or beer.
Next Tournament Thursday will be announced shortly.

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Sealing the Core Edition!

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Hello all doomsday prophets!

The Core Edition is now sealed. Each faction consists of 31 cards all listed in the complete Card List. Check it out to see the new art and collect your Stack.

Also check out the drafted Rulebook that is now available

See you Thursday in Bastard Café at 15:00

NewCards 180315

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Bastard Café welcomes the Apocalypse

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Det dårlige selskab

We are very happy to announce that the very first game day on March 19th will be hosted by Bastard Café in Copenhagen.

Make sure to show up at 15:00 and get ready to be the very first Escaton gamers in the history of mankind! Throughout the day you will learn to play the game, and participate in a small tournament against other players. We will be playing the proxy-version (the pre-Alpha pshysical version) therefore we will cut out fresh proxy-cards to fit right into a glossy sleeve. More hints and instructions coming.

It looks like we’re just enough players to have a tournament and we would like the winner to keep her/his Stack.

All you have to bring is yourself, your will to play and perhaps a bit of patience...

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