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Enter the Escaton PROXY World

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We’re setting up a user-friendly Stack Builder interface, to encourage you to print out your very own Stack. In the meantime, get an impression of the cards in the Card List and check out the recently uploaded cards

NewCards 210215









Hypernaut Shaman

Biomod Mercenary

Doomsday Prophet

National Guards

Android Scavengers

Field of Debris

Rise of the Machine

Mutant Elephant

A Stack is the deck of cards that consists of the Creatures, Equipment, Interventions and Locations you put together in order to survive in the Escaton world

A “Rules” page is the next thing to be added to the wiki

Get ready!

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Proxy Stack Editor under development

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We are currently working on creating a Stack Editor for the Escaton wiki


The Stack Editor will enable you to manage your own collection of the so-called proxy cards that you can export as a PDF and print out! Meaning that you can easily make your very own Escaton stack for physical play.

But be patient, we’re working hard on creating the art for the cards

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More cards added to the Card List

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We’re working on uploading all the cards for the Escaton wiki Card List

Go check it out!










Following cards have been uploaded

Military Commander

Peace Squad


Defender Drone

Insane Scientist

Harvest Moon



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Welcome to

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Hello world

We are proud to present our game already at this early stage by launching along our card list where several cards with original artwork already have been submitted.

The Digital Alchemy team can’t wait to return with news about the development of Escaton.

Let’s play some cards!

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