Coding & Planning

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Building a new website is challenging and fun, when you are building it from scratch. At Digital Alchemy we build and create our productions around the idea that games are more than a closed package for a person to buy.

We hope that the future generations will draw inspiration and knowledge from our coding, art, design and vision. Therefore we wish to have as much power as possible over our creation and development, so that we can teach and distribute it as an inspiration to new digital (card) game developers.

It takes time to do such a solid peace of work while keeping it original and hand-made.











Digital Alchemy Studio began producing Escaton September 2014. A lot has happened since we began and we are very proud to share as much as possible with you all as the game develops (like our free-to-play, proxy-version: a print-and-cut, live example of Escaton that allows anyone who has net, a computer/phone/tablet, a printer and a pair of scissors to play the entire game).









Still we are expecting to have a working demo to share with game testers and bloggers around the world of TCGs and online philosophy at the end of 2015. Around the same time we will launch our first support campaign in order to finance the distribution and maintenance of the game and databases. And remember… there’s a world of long lost trading card game players out there. Let them get into a game of Escaton as well!