Escaton Evolution

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Evolution 2

Digital Alchemy began the creation of Escaton back in September 2014. Since the beginning many things have happened. Besides from creating the design, mechanics and basics of the game, the team (only consisting of two people at that time) developed a series of proxy-editions fully playable and full of errors. With the help from true friends and deep love for playing these strange type of cards, the two inventors expanded the team to four members (not including the awesome game testers and supporters who were there from the very beginning) inviting a couple of new members to the roster. Together they managed to develop the game to a state close to their realization: an online free-(as in freedom)-to-Play Apocalyptic Trading Card game !!! together with the proxy version for physical play. The Escaton Digital Game Engine (E.D.G.E) is under construction as we speak. An epic trailer will soon suck you into a merciless fate while all the art for the Core Edition cards are all ready to go… soon! Stay tuned for the Evolution of Escaton. And have a look at our game-play and design sketch.


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