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Escaton is an open source, in-browser, digital trading card game being developed for pc, Mac, Linux and Android by Digital Alchemy in Copenhagen. Expected to launch beta early 2016.

Eschatology is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “end of the world” or “end time”.


What is Escaton?

Escaton is our idea of a free-to-play online trading card game (TCG) for a platform near you.

An apocalyptic showdown between the Machines – the first self aware artificial intelligence, the totalitarian Neo Humans and the society of the Resistance.

You control the survivors and legends of the constant apocalyptic state of things. You are brought into battle as the scalp of mother Earth is crushing. You strategically form your evolution from game to game by adding and exchanging new cards or trading them with other players around the world. In each game your faction will face the wrath of striving clans, tribes, troops, nations and empires and fight to evolve and stamp their name into the history of the last days of Earth.


Trade, sell or win new cards to expand your empire and discover new combos and ways of designing your stack of cards. Battle opponents online head-to-head or in multiplayer mode by representing your faction with a stack of cards consisting of your army, its stronghold and the extras you add to surprise and overcome your opponent. Balance your resources during Armageddon, turn your creatures into martyrs and heroes, control your units from a Homeland or a location you build and decimate opponent’s lands through strategic and merciless maneuvers. The game consists of a simple set of rules that you will change, bend and skew with your cards during a game.

That was one story, now for another one.

Our main focus is the digital development, yet our love for physical gaming has led us to produce a fully playable proxy version of the game. We use it for game testing because we love seeing our game being played in real life.



We are proud of our original design and mechanics that will inspire die hard TCG fans as well as new card gamers. We believe that gamers of today deserve a truly passionate production that is much more than a quick business plan and unoriginal work. We have a dream about an open development format and work that is visible and inspiring (maybe even encouraging) for other creative people.  And right now we are living it.

As said, we have a lot of love for classic trading card games and would like to outlive this passion by bringing you the world of  Escaton. A world to enter with unlimited possibilities.

We are currently developing Escaton Digital Game Engine (E.D.G.E), the artwork and our community. Follow us from the early steps and watch the game develop.

Sketches and screenshots of gameplay


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