Proxy Card Gaming for Beginners

Do you already love physical TCGs? Are you already playing an insane Magic or Netrunner proxy deck? No? Then read on…




There are several ways of playing a card game. One of the many ways is to copy the original pictures of a card game you love and print them out proxy-style in your own home! Another way is to go buy the small foiled packs in your local store.

For those people who love a game so much that they are willing to print it and cut out their favorite deck in order to play, all we can say is, ‘you got it!’. It’s all about the love for gaming.

Here at Escaton we wish to cherish and support that way of thinking of gaming culture. We have set up a small place for you to collect your Escaton cards and print them out! Yup, you’re all set and ready to go… but there are a few things you need. Here follows a recipe…

“Proxy Card Gaming for Beginners”:

2-4 players, 45 min.

You need:

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Rulebook
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • (and if you’re really cool some glue or a card sleeve)


Get familiar with Escaton, read about our idea or explore the cards. Then go get the (drafted) Rulebook v 1.0 and read it (yes, there is an actual rulebook you will need to read to understand the game. A digital tutorial will come with our digital game, see?).


Go to the wiki Card List by clicking Cards in the menu at, or .








Go to the menu and click on My Stack.











On the MyStack page you will now see an empty Stack Builder and a zero in the upper-right corner, meaning that your Stack consists of no cards. Go back to the Card List.













Go to the faction you would like your Stack to represent in the menu.













In this example we will go to The Resistance card page and click on ‘Eternal Rebel’ represented under the E section. Below the card are the numbers 1,2 and 3. Click the number of cards you would like to have in your Stack. If you put in too many of them into your Stack, you can always click on the card in MyStack to remove it again.












In this case we pressed 2 and when we enter MyStack two Eternal Rebels will appear on the page and a ‘2’ will show in the right corner. If you had put 3 cards into the Stack it would read ‘3’ (wow!).







An Escaton deck consists of two Stacks: the main Stack (30 Equipment cards, Creatures, Locations or Interventions, 1 Homeland) and the Resource Stack (8 resources, 1 Judgment Day card). When you have put together a set of 40 cards altogether you have a complete Stack ready for print (remember the right resources and the Judgment Day card)!













Now go to your browser’s File menu and select Print. If your printer is properly connected the cards will be printed out in its true physical size (3×3 cards on each sheet of A4).

STEP 10:

Now cut out all the cards.










STEP 11:

You can plaster a backside on your cards or perhaps use card sleeves and a peace of thick paper or another playing card. And there you have it! Your own proxy card. Now print another set with a different stack of cards and play it with your friend.

step1 step2 step3 step4