Get Involved

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 Right now our game is under development and we’re looking forward to playing it online with you. We would appreciate any feedback, comments or advice.

If you think you can help us in some way, participate in our game testing events in Copenhagen, want to arrange a game testing event in your city or submit art you think would suit the world of Escaton, please contact us!

This is what you can do to get involved:

  • Participate in game testing events in Copenhagen
  • Arrange game testing events in your city
  • Print-&-cut your Proxy Stack and give one to your friend
  • Have a go on an illustration for your favourite card and submit it*
  • Contact if you have knowledge to share. Maybe you developed your own free software trading card game engine?
  • Share this page with your friends
  • Stay updated



* If Digital Alchemy choses to use your art for the digital or physical game, a deal will be negociated between you and Digital Alchemy