Card Types





Creature cards

This type of card has the ability to attack and defend. It’s offense and defense power is symbolized with a fist and a shield (Power indicators) on the right side of the card. Creatures can have different Quirks that make them either stronger or weaker. Although a Creature always belongs to one part of Escaton, it is possible to find examples of coupled or mixed factions, ie. a Neo Human/Resistance Creature like Hypernaut Soldier – costs both Neo Human Resources and The Resistance Resources but belongs to the Neo Human faction. Creatures can have special abilities that you trigger by acting according to its demands or required conditions. All Creatures belong to a subtype describing its place in Escaton. The subtypes in the Core Edition are Warrior, Worker, Scientist, Infiltrator and Hero. Some cards give favor to specific subtypes. ►Core Edition Card List














Location cards

These cards have Life Points, produce resources, have space for your troops and some of them may provide special powers.

Having decided what faction to play it is time to choose your stronghold. A specific type of Location is called a Homeland. Unlike other Locations, Homelands require no casting cost and cannot be played during a game. It will be put on the table before playing and it will determine what resources you produce throughout the game. The Homeland is kept separate from your Stack and Resources.

A Location is like a Homeland except you can play it during a game and it has a casting cost, meaning you will have to spend resources to build the Location. You can also play Creature cards on Locations.

When a Location loses all its Life Points it is destroyed. ►Core Edition Card List















Equipment cards

A fast way to make your other cards in play stronger. There are two types of Equipment cards: Creature Equipment and Location Equipment. Both types share the ability to enhance the features of a Location or Creature card. They are played on the card you wish to add the equipment to and cannot be removed by you or any player, unless a card or a combination of cards makes it possible. Each Creature may use one Equipment as default, yet there are Creatures that can hold two pieces of equipment. Locations can hold an unlimited number. ►Core Edition Card List















Intervention cards

During a game you will benefit and suffer from the counter-offensive actions caused by Interventions. Often these cards can be played as a response to an action taken by any player at any time making it possible for a player to change the power balance in surprising ways. These cards are the only type that can be played during Battle. ►Core Edition Card List














Resource cards

To evolve during a game you must produce resources and spend them to play Creatures, Locations, Equipment and Interventions. Each faction has a different type of resource that matches the requirements of a card’s casting cost. If you want to play a Resistance card you probably need some Jungle or Solar resources to play it, even though some cards require more than one type of resource to play. Your resources are put together as your Resource Stack including a Judgment Day card. When your stack runs out of resources your Homeland can produce no more resources. The only way to get more would be to have multiple Locations in play or have other cards allowing you to spend or produce resources. ►Core Edition Card List












These types form the fundamental structure of the Core Edition of 2015