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Online and physical tradable card game set in a dystopian near future scifi world on the edge of human history. We have a dream to create a beautiful and epic tradable card game

We plan to develop and release:

  • A Stack Builder and Collection Browser –  construct your Stack by sorting and selecting your cards. Use them in tournaments, free online play or print cards to play in real life with your friends.
  • A game table – play, exploit and learn the game in the different free play and tournament modes.
  • A market place or platform – trade or sell your tournament cards to enhance your collection.

We plan to follow a social and Free (as in freedom) Software development model with unrestricted freeplay mode. We plan to finance this through our tournament mode where players can compete for ranking and cards by buying official Escaton tournament cards.
We envision a bitcoin integration in our card trading platform: to begin with, a type of trading conditioned on a bitcoin transaction of a predefined amount to a trader’s bitcoin address.
Meaning that you can buy and sell tournament cards for bitcoin on the market platform directly to and from other traders.
Eventually we would like to publish tournament cards as independent digital assets based on sidechain, ethereum or whatever will show itself to be the most suitable technology. Perhaps allowing Escaton to grow into a fully decentralized game (if you have a bright idea for implementing this or are you a part of any of the projects mentioned above and are you willing to help, please do contact us!!).